Vital parts of your Fuel Injection System

Whether you own a Komatsu, Volvo, Cat or Cummins, your fuel injection system plays a crucial role in keeping your engine working effectively. Since the injection system controls the combustion process in the engine, it is paramount to keep your system maintained to ensure effective performance. You may find you need replacement fuel injector parts along the way. However, to diagnose the problems with your engine, you need to be able to distinguish and recognise its parts. Here at Jaytrac, we want to help by discussing each of its vital components. All engines vary, but these are the main parts that are found in most systems.


The injector is responsible for delivering atomised fuel into the combustion chamber at the right time. Each cylinder has one injector in the cylinder head. It’s important to be able to identify the injector in your system because even one faulty injector can cause a lack of power or excessive smoke. Various other signs may occur which signify you need to replace your injector, including engine misfire, poor starting or lack of performance under load.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is a crucial component of your engine, delivering high-pressure fuel to the injectors. Fuel will be delivered to the pump from the tank via a filtration system. A faulty or tired fuel pump can cause issues with the injectors if the fuel is not delivered at the correct pressure. A low-pressure fuel pump (or lift pump) usually pumps fuel from the tank to the high-pressure fuel pump. This ensures the main pump is always supplied with fuel. It's also important to monitor error codes on your Engine ECM for fuel pump pressure messages.


Your injector nozzle is important because it gives the correct spray pattern and atomises the fuel. Usually, you would locate the nozzle at the tip of the injector. If your nozzle is blocked, it can cause fuel to drip or not be sprayed correctly, causing incorrect combustion and fuel dilution of the lube oil. If you suspect your nozzle isn’t functioning as it should, get in touch and we can assist you.

Fuel Lines

Fuel lines are the pipes that connect your system. Fuel lines contain filters that need to be replaced regularly as part of your routine servicing. If your filters become blocked frequently, it may be a sign of contaminants in your fuel tank. Clean fuel is essential to the performance of modern high pressure diesel systems!

Being able to identify these parts of your fuel injector system will make maintaining your engine much easier. If you have recognised that something is wrong with your system, Jaytrac is here to help. As specialists in quality replacement parts for brands like Caterpillar, Volvo and Komatsu, we can supply a range of parts to suit your needs. For more information call us on 01604 491133, email or send us an enquiry.