Cummins Parts

For over 20 years, Jaytrac has been supplying customers across the World with quality replacement Cummins engine parts.

Seconded only by our standard of customer service, is the high quality of products we stock and distribute. Our Cummins parts cover the complete range, as below, all of which can be used for applications within the on-highway, marine and construction sectors, as well as the power generation, gas and mining industries.  

  • B
  • C
  • L
  • M
  • KT
  • NV
  • VT
  • I-QSC
  • I-QSL
  • I-QSX
  • QSK
  • QSV series

Cummins is a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and dependability. Established in 1919 by Engineer Clessie Cummins, and based in Indiana, the Cummins Engine Co. was one of the first to take advantage of the pioneering technology developed in Germany by Rudolf Diesel during the late 1800’s. Cummins oil burning, or ‘Diesel’, engines were so reliable and successful that they were the first Company to offer 100,000 mile Warranty. They were fast as well, competing in the early Indianapolis 500 races running nonstop! Today, the Cummins name is still a market leader globally with literally millions of engines in service from older legendary NH220 units to huge QSK 95 litre V16 engines.

Jaytrac is a one-stop shop for replacement Cummins engine parts, and we ensure our customers find the right product at the right price.

We look forward to helping you rebuild your engine, so to talk to one of our experts, please give us a call on 01604 491 133 or email us at