Seals & Gaskets

Seals and gaskets may be small fixtures compared to the piece of equipment they are used in, but their importance is far bigger than their size.

Whether you need a dynamic seal or a stationary gasket, Jaytrac stock and distribute a vast range of high-quality replacements for a large selection of brands. In addition to supplying individual parts, we can build and assemble full or partial overhaul kits to meet bespoke specifications and requirements.

Quality sealing products are essential to the performance of machine critical components. Jaytrac source from USA OEM quality Manufacturers and are committed to ensuring the consistent quality of the sealing products to our customers.

An ‘O Ring’ is a profile of elastomer material with a round (O shaped) cross section used as a mechanical seal. It’s a simple but critical design, seating in a groove and compressing during assembly between two parts creating the seal.  The American industrialist and self-taught chemist Charles Dunlop first improved the ‘elastic’ properties of natural rubber by the vulcanisation process in 1839. It was though only during the 1930’s that the molecular model of rubber was really understood.

In 1937 a Cleveland, USA, aircraft landing gear manufacturer was struggling to find the right seal for their landing struts which needed to be more light weight for military application. A Cleveland supply Company enlisted the aid of Neils Christensen, a Danish inventor, who had perfected the ‘O Ring’ and its application inside a grooved metal housing. Christensen, who was living in Ohio at the time, filed for the patent on his invention in 1937. Other Aircraft manufacturers began using O Ring extensively in the production of WWII aircraft. 

During the 1960’s & 1970’s rapid development in synthetic polymers were made and other OEM’s such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Cummins began using Silicon and Nitrile sealing products. 

Our range of seal and gasket products include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaskets and component gasket kits
  • O-Rings and general seals (inc: Viton, Neoprene etc.)
  • O-Ring kits
  • Hydraulic cylinder seal kits
  • Track adjuster seal kits
  • Duo cone seals

With other 20 Years’ experience, we are well equipped to ensure our customers receive the right product at the right price; it’s this knowledge which sets us apart from our competition and we look forward to helping you service and repair your machines.

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