New IPDStyle Con Rod bearings for Cat ® 3500 Series Diesel Engines

Jaytrac are one of the largest stockists for IPD High Quality Engine parts in Europe.

IPD have identified a Market need for improved bearing load capability and resistance to cavitation in 3500 series engines. As a result, IPD developed a new IPDStyle bearing alloy for high stress engines, details as follows:

  • Extensively engine tested and analysed after industry standard 100 million load cycles
  • New Alloy provides 19% higher load carrying capability than previously
  • Bearing consists of an advanced five layer construction , featuring an optimised  Copper, Lead and Tin microstructure
  • IPD's bearing eccentricity provides improved cavitation resistance compared to  competitive product by creating an improved shape during loaded operation.

Jaytrac are stocking this new improved bearing, please contact us for price and availability.