Knowing the external components of your heavy-duty engine

Here at Jaytrac, we want to help you get to know the different parts of your heavy-duty engine. You may own a Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar or Cummins, but generic internal parts are found in most systems. Knowing the parts of your engine is vital to be able to recognise and diagnose problems if they occur. Use our helpful guide below to help you establish the components at the heart of your machine.

Fuel system

Your fuel system consists of various parts including fuel filters, pumps and fuel injectors. Its purpose is to deliver fuel into your engine’s cylinder. You can use our handy guide to help you identify specific parts of your fuel injection system. Your fuel system also includes filters, which must be kept clean and changed. If service intervals are not met, these can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine and contaminated fuel can cause premature wear with a lack of power. When maintaining your engine, ensure to replace the fuel injection components when necessary. 

Battery & Starter motor

The battery is a crucial part of your engine; without one, your engine is unable to start. It’s important to monitor your battery’s health, as it will typically let you down just when you need it most as it runs the entire electrical system of your engine.  The starter motor engages with and turns the engine over creating the compression for the engine to start. Along with the Battery monitor its performance and check for loose cables. Don’t over crank a starter motor if the engine will not start.


The intercooler is the part of your engine which cools the hot air that comes from the turbocharger before it goes into the engine. This increases the density of the air going into your engine, improving combustion.


Another key element of your engine is its turbocharger. Your engine’s turbocharger takes exhaust gases to power the turbocharger which in turn pumps air into the inlet side of the engine at an increased pressure to boost its power. 


The alternator in your engine keeps the battery charged, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. To keep your alternator in good working order, look out for things that may damage it, such as water, dustor loose battery terminals.

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