How To Prevent Fuel Injector Malfunction

As we often discuss here at Jaytrac, the fuel injection system plays an invaluable role in the smooth running of your heavy-duty engine. The function of fuel injectors is to ensure your system receives the correct amount of fuel and water by spraying a fine mist into the combustion chambers of the engine. However, without correct and proper maintenance, a malfunctioning fuel injector can lead to an engine misfire. As specialists in high-quality replacement fuel injector parts, we understand that, like most parts of a heavy-duty engine, wear and tear undoubtedly occurs over time. To maximise the efficiency of your engine, we are here to help you identify how to care for your fuel injectors, how to expand the lifespan of your engine and increase the efficiency of your system.

Clean Your Injector System

One of the most important ways to prevent injector failure is a regular cleaning routine. A build-up of dirt or dust  can lead to debris collecting in  your system: cleaning them removes these particles and hence helps to prevent any potential blockages. This is also a good opportunity to visually inspect that all parts of your fuel system are in good working order. For example, ensuring that rubber seals around the injectors are not allowing fuel to escape through any leaks or splits.  

Change Your Fuel Filters

Replacing your fuel filters regularly will also increase the efficiency of your injector. Filters work to prevent dirt and particles from entering the fuel system, so it is vital to keep them in good condition by replacing them, as an old fuel filter loses its efficiency over time. When it comes to your fuel injectors, the ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of the combustion process by maintaining a good fuel to air ratio. If you are unsure how to replace your fuel filters, always consult the manufacturer’s specification for guidance, or get a specialised mechanic to help you.

Replace if Damaged

Your fuel injector makes up a small yet important part of a larger engine system, and if one component is left unattended it could lead to entire engine failure as a knock-on effect. Therefore, it goes without saying: failing to replace a damaged or worn fuel injector will undoubtedly lead to further problems with your engine. If you notice your fuel injector isn’t working at full efficiency, why not get in touch with one of our team of experts to advise you? Whether you own a  Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar or Cummins, we have a broad range of replacement fuel injector parts to suit every need

Inspect Your Engine Regularly

One of the most obvious ways to expand the lifespan of your fuel injector is to maintain regular inspections of the entire engine. This includes checking the injector isn’t leaking as well as monitoring your engines management system.

Frequently inspecting your equipement is an essential way to keep on track with regular servicing, meaning that your engine’s maintenance isn’t left on the back burner. You should also ensure that your employees have received proper training on how to maintain and use your equipment properly, reducing the likelihood of improper use, damage or accidents occurring.

From fuel injector parts and fleetguard filters to hydraulics and hoses, we have quality replacement parts for every part of your engine. With over 20 years of industry experience and a distributor of leading global brands like Original ZF Power, we are your ‘one-stop shop’ service for all your heavy-duty engine needs. Browse our products and range of brands, and get in touch today.  

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