How To Maintain Fuel Injectors For Heavy Equipment

How to Maintain Fuel Injectors for Heavy Equipment


Heavy equipment that is used in the construction or earth moving industry is expected to operate in some tough conditions and therefore requires investing time to practice good maintenance. Fuel injectors are an essential part of delivering fuel into the cylinder and are a key part of ensuring efficient performance. Properly looking after your heavy duty-equipment is the best way to maintain efficiency and prevent costly repairs further down the line. This is why we have put together a guide for maintaining and cleaning your fuel injector to prolong its lifetime.


How often should you clean your fuel injector?

If the fuel injector on your heavy-duty equipment is not maintained, carbon can build up and clog the fuelling systems, resulting in excess fuel being used during operation. When it comes to construction vehicles, it is recommended to clean injectors at least every year. If the performance of your engine has noticeably decreased, or there is black smoke coming from the exhaust, it could indicate a need to clean your fuel injector.


How to clean your fuel injector

Once you have identified that your fuel injector needs to be cleaned, you should use a cleaning kit that is suitable for your engine ensuring it is compatible with your type of machinery before starting. To prevent safety hazards, only begin when your engine is turned off or has cooled down sufficiently.

Before you begin, be sure to remove the fuel tank cap to prevent pressure from building up inside the engine. Next, remove the fuel pump fuse to disconnect the fuel pump. After you have successfully removed the fuel pump, the next step is to connect the output house from the fuelling system to the cleaning kit. Different kits may vary, so it is crucial to follow the individual kit instructions to attach the hose to the port correctly.

Following these steps, you should then start the engine and let it run. Depending on the individual kit, it should take approximately 15 minutes for the cleaning solution to run through the engine and finish the process. The final step is to disconnect the cleaning kit from the output hose. Reconnect the fuel pump fuse and start the engine. Subject to the clean being successful, there should a reduced amount of smoke coming from the exhaust and unusual noises should be drastically quieter.


Replacing your fuel injector

If your fuel injector is still not performing correctly, it could be time to replace the injector. If you are unsure whether you are in need of a replacement, check out our article to find out more about the signs that mean you need a diesel fuel injector replacement. Here at Jaytrac, are proud to supply a range of fuel injection parts to help you repair or rebuild your Cat, Cummins or Komatsu engine. Our experts will be more than happy to assist your enquiry and help find the right heavy-duty engine part for you. Contact us on 01604 491 133 or email us at